About Us

“Sports is a universal language, & boy o’ boy, do we speak this language perfectly.”

Just as the name points out, Sports Dis&Datis an online retail company that intends to be the go-to online store for anything sports related. We are a retail company that strives to providequality products inform of sports apparel, casuals, accessories and equipment to its users.

With origins stemming from Melbourne, a city regarded as the sports capital of Australia, Sports Dis&Dat purely aims to connect every kid, teenager and adult around the blocks who aspire to share their love for sports, either by playing or owning their favourite club jersey or by training like their favourite sports superstar. To make this possible, our brands works tirelessly to provide products of very good high quality at distinguishable and affordable prices. We want to preach participation in all kind of sports be it indoor or outdoor,either by grass-root participation, school or local team participation or even individual training.

Our Vision

To make sure every single person can have a feel of the sports of their dreams.

Our Mission

Be the Go-to place for sports and active equipment for everyone & anyone that wants to play at any level.

Our Core Values

It is simple, do what make you happy. Sports involves commitments, passion and hard work. Sometimes we add Talent to the mix as we a little bit of luck sometimes exists and while we always want the luck to be on our side, we know that hard work would always payoff. Wherever hard work exist, emotions are not far off and when all these traits are tied together, what you get is a Human, a human with highs and lows believe and doubts, weaknesses and strength, with determination to keep moving. All of these are also qualities tightly aligned with sports. Hence;

  1. Discipline –
  2. Inclusion –
  3. Determination/Perseverance
  4. Passion –
  5. Sportsmanship –